The first intervention to do is the removal of bulky waste, this involves the collection by hand of all those bulky waste that are usually present after the winter season (wreck appliances, plastic bins , large branches , underbrush , various materials).
This can be done with one or more operators on foot who pick up and accumulate along the beach bulky materials . Subsequently , they go through with the tractor and trailer, after that they load all previously accumulated bulky ones, making sure to carry them to collection points that Districts usually prepare. This operation must be done taking care to select the garbage in different types.
This operation has to perform with the big rake attached to the tractor and it is to collect, make accumulations and to not spread along the beach all that material larger than light teeth of big rake, usually placed at the 7-10 cm from each other. Depending on the amount and type of material collected, it has to load on the trailer of the tractor or with front loader tractor itself, if it has one , or with a mechanical shovel , or if necessary, with a clamp - type spider gallows . Even these materials, depending on the type , have to be managed.
Leveling should not be a too invasive surgery , we recommend you to do with the tractor combined with the big rake and / or the dozer blade . The operation has to serve to move the sand in depths of up to 40-50 cm letting the waste emerge . Unless there is a real need, you should avoid to move large amounts of sand and to make this type of operation with mechanical excavators, because often they produce more damage than benefit.
It is not recommended because the tracks shatter branches and brushwood much more than wheels, so you end up to increase the work instead of simplifying it.
This operation is to let the tractor combined with the beach-cleaner machine go through , taking care to mount your rough grill. We advise to do even more steps until all the grid’s bigger material can be removed from the beach . You should try to reach the maximum depth that the machine can allow . If it is necessary the big rank can pass back again according to the method described above and then to repeat the intervention of grilling as well , with the grid from rough grinding , even with that of finishing.
Depending on the type of service you want to offer it is expected the cadence of the steps . A bathing establishment or a Public Administration that wants to offer a great service can make at least one step per day.
Placing all along the beach a sufficient number of baskets , favouring recycling, is also very import to stimulate a culture of respect for the environment.
In addition to profit from it , he must respect it ! For this reason at each end of the season he collects everything beyond the limit of its grant because unfortunately unrefined disrespectful people leave umbrellas, little chairs , life jackets , and many inflatable games plastic.
He should not limit the caring and cleaning beach just in the summer season. The cleaning should be done even in the winter . The administrators who let young cooperative, flexworkers, unemployed perform the security service of the beaches ( lifeguards ) , the first aid service ( infirmaries ) and tourist information ( guides ).
To clear a beach, the Tuareg machines turn over an enormous quantity of sand. The mass of sand which lies under the surface is damp, and is turned over and brought to the surface. This manages to ensure that:
- The sun’s rays carry out their natural function of eliminating bacteria and fungi;
- The sand is oxygenated and transformed into fluffy, attractive sand;
- An area of compacted sand can be transformed into a soft surface, making it a pleasure to walk on it.;
- Children can enjoy playing in sand which is soft and clean.
To obtain a safe beach that is completely free from objects that could cause injuries, cuts or infections, Tuareg machines carry out continuous sifting of sand. This sifting action allows all objects to be removed, whether on the surface or deeper down, however small they may be. This guarantees the safe removal of cigarette butts, broken glass, small sharp objects hidden in the sand and any other hazardous solid waste that is fouling the beach.
If the beach has been contaminated due to torrential downpours or debris brought in from the sea, Tuareg machines can disinfect it quickly and safely. This is done by the disinfecting equipment which has been especially designed so that just before the sand oxygenation process starts, a natural disinfectant is released. This product does not affect the life of vertebrates or fish and only eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses hidden in the contaminated area.
Beach users are only satisfied if they can enjoy a clean beach that is completely free of waste or dirt, and this is a commercial requisite for any tourist resort with sea views. Therefore, both municipal authorities and the heads of professional cleaning businesses have to make a firm commitment to this route, as by investing in cleaning their beaches, they are gaining in quality of life.
Beach cleaning is commonly regarded as the removal of large items of waste that accumulate due to the action of uncontrolled dumping or are washed ashore by sea tides. This level of cleaning, using a simple tractor shovel, only succeeds in removing items such as logs, seaweed, stones, branches, etc
Our beach-cleaning machines are technically capable of penetrating the sand down to a depth of 30 cm. This means that all kind of waste can be removed, from large objects down to the smallest buried waste: cigarette ends, bottle lids, can rings, glass, food remains, paper, etc. and also that infection-causing micro-organisms can be eliminated as a result of the intense continuous beating motion of our machines, drying and ventilating the sand thanks to the action of the air and ultraviolet rays.
Disinfecting sand is essential for the health and safety of all beach users and particularly to protect children. Sadly, the sea is all too often used as a dump for waste produced by man, animals, industrial, chemical, petrochemical and fishing activities, etc. The collectors that dump waste in the sea are often not adequately installed so it is not surprising that the effect of sea currents or storms leave part of such waste on the beach, which is always a source of pollution of our beaches. lThe saline action of seawater is not sufficient to eliminate all the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms present on beaches. This is why our machines can be fitted with disinfecting equipment.
A quaternary ammonium compound based liquid disinfectant for general beach use, which acts against, fungi, bacteria and certain viruses. It prevents fermentation, unpleasant smells and decomposition of processed and semi-finished goods, packages, organic and other matter typically found among beach waste. The disinfectant solutions are practically odourless and tasteless. It is not toxic. It does not alter the pH of the water and does not irritate nose, eyes or mucous membranes. It does not contain either chlorine or copper. It is a neutral product which does not attack or alter any material


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